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Sunday September 13 2009
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AP 2009-09-13
Does 70%x3x2 mean 70% of 1rm for 3 sets of 2 reps? Or 3 reps for 2 sets?
Aimee 2009-09-13
AP- check out the info link next to the wod for info regarding programming. It should answer all your questions.

it means 70% for 3 reps for 2 sets.
Lucas 2009-09-13
I'd like to start a cycle of Oly tomorrow... can any one offer some insight into how I should start? Should I jump into tomorrow's WOD, or start from day 1 of this cycle in the archives, or do the cycle that was posted before this one?

On that note, what are the qualitative differences between this cycle and the last one? this one seems to be higher volume and lower intensity, and lasts a few weeks longer, than the last cycle... what do these factors mean in terms of my development? does one cycle develop technique while the other builds strength?

sorry for the long post, thanks in advance for any advice.
AP 2009-09-14
word up. thanks Aimee
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