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Tuesday September 15 2009
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MJ 2009-09-15
Power Clean + Clean - 155 x 4 sets
Snatch Balance - 105 x 3 x 2 / 110 x 3 x 2 / 115 x 3
Push Press - 135 x 5 x 5

3 Rounds for Time:
10 Dead-Hand Pullups
10 Clapping Push-Ups
Brent 2009-09-15
Powerclean+clean - 184x4
Snatch balance - 160x3x2, 170x3x, 180x3
Push Press - 180x5x5
Metcon - 3 rds 15 CTBs and 10 BJs@30" 3:48
TMar 2009-09-15
28 yom 180lbs

PC+C - 180lbs x 4
Snatch Balance - 115/125/135
P.Press - 160 x 5 x 5

metcon - 3 rounds - 15 butterfly kip pullups + 10 BJ @ 24" 1:37
Noah 2011-10-26
is the last snatch balance 80% X3 because it just says 80 X3?
Greg Everett 2011-10-27
Noah - yes, 80%
Emil 2013-05-06
When it says 4 sets, does that mean just mean 4 sets of 1 rep, and when it says x3x2 thats 3 sets of 2 reps?
Steve Pan 2013-05-06
Emil -

The power clean + clean is 4 sets of that sequence. You will do 4 sets of power clean + clean at 75%

for the next ones when there is a prescription for the weight it will then be reps followed by sets. So for 70% x 3 x 2 that will be 2 sets of 3 at 70%
Jay 2013-07-16
So is that a 1rep of 4 sets or 4sets of 4???
Steve Pan 2013-07-16
Jay -

4 sets of a Power Clean + Clean.
Alfonso 2014-04-22
I may have missed this somewhere. But what should I do if I can't train for a week? Should I start where I left off?
Steve Pan 2014-04-22
Try not to take a week off. If it is unavoidable you can try picking up where you left off.
Alfonso 2014-04-22
Thank you Steve Pan! I avoid it as much as I can but work tends to get in the way.
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