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Wednesday September 16 2009
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photo by tom campitelli
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SD_Mikey 2009-09-16
Greg, should I have any concerns about decreased ROM or other shoulder issues with a behind the neck press?

Brent 2009-09-16
2pos clean - 185x2, 196x2
Clean DL - 260x5x5
Front squat - 207x5, 221x4x2, 235x3x2
3 rds: 10x 1arm KB (53)oh lunge, 10 ttb, 10 ghr in 5. Too much transition time from bar to ghd, opp sides of gym.
MJ 2009-09-16
2-Position Clean - 150 x 2 / 160 x 2
Clean Deadlift - 205 x 5 x 5
Front Squat - 165 x 5 / 180 x 4 x 2 / 190 x 3 x 2
MetCon - 8:43
greg 2009-09-16
mike -

it should be a goal to open up the shoulders enough for a behind the neck press to be fairly easy. i think it's a reasonable mobility standard.
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