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Monday September 21 2009
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MJ 2009-09-21
Power Snatch + Snatch - 115 x 2 x 4
Jerk - 160 x 2 x 5
Clean Pull - 205 x 4 x 5
Back Squat - 190 x 5 x 2 / 200 x 4 x 3
Weighted Sit-Ups (25 lbs) - 3 x 10

Peter Haas 2009-09-21
Hi Greg, just wanted to check back in with my progress on the Mass (A)gain cycle. At the end of Week 4 I was up to 192lbs from 178. I just finished the back off, and am about to jump back into another four weeks.

Thanks for the template. I've been really surprised by my progress, considering the length of time I had already been training. Not only that, but I set a new PR on the snatch (102kg) at the end of week 4.

Thanks again,
Greg Everett 2009-09-21
Peter - Nice work!
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