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Thursday September 24 2009
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Alex Mac 2009-09-24
Hey Coach,
Just wondering what kind of program do your CrossFit athletes follow then?

I am wanting to do the CA wods with a bit more metcon, what are your thoughts?

Andrew Makely 2009-09-24
So is the program you give us more of a mix than what your crossfit athletes do?
Chris K 2009-09-24
Hey Greg Just want to say thanks You guys have put together a great online resource for us cyber-dwellers. Keep up the great work.
Jim 2009-09-24
Thanks for the free workouts.Check it every day.
So I am guessing your X-fit program has a bit of a 'heavier-metcon' apsect to it than the main site WOD's?
Thats kind of what I like,interspersed w/ your Oly workouts here and ring work for a 3:1 schedule.
Thanks again.
Greg Everett 2009-09-24
Guys - See this post on our gym site - that should answer your questions for the most part.
Butch White 2009-09-24
Another round of thanks for the CA WOD's... these make up the bulk of my training regimen. Coach Rut's DB stuff or Ross Enamait's work-outs suffice when I'm on the road with limited time and gym access. The content quality of the CA site and forum are simply outstanding.
Peter Haas 2009-09-24
Thanks for posting the sample week and accompanying explanation. We had conversed via email about this topic a few months ago, and this helped to flesh our your thought process a bit more.
Ben Moskowitz 2009-09-24
Coach Everett,
Do you prefer to have hang cleans/snatches start from a dead stop as demonstrated in the most recent collected training video?
Greg Everett 2009-09-25
Ben - Doesn't need to be an actual dead stop, but it should be close.
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