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Tuesday October 6 2009
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photo by Aaron Cave
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dan 2009-10-05
is the snatch balance a percentage of your max snatch balance or max snatch?
Greg Everett 2009-10-05
% of snatch bal max, but if you don't have one, use your max snatch. if your snatch is limited considerably by technique, you'll need to bump up the weights.
Ben 2009-10-05
Kick up? I'm not familiar with that movement....any tips?
Greg Everett 2009-10-05
ben - check yesterday's comments.
dan 2009-10-05
Allen Y 2009-10-06
Nice shirt!

How was the honeymoon?
MJ 2009-10-06
Hang Clean - 140 x 3 x 4
Snatch Balance - 110 x 3 x 2 / 120 x 3 x 3
Push Press - 155 x 4 x 5
MetCon: 8:43 Subbed 10 Deadhang pullups for rope climb
bso 2009-10-06
Hang Clean - 157.5 x 3 x 4
Snatch Balance - 120 x 3 x 2 / 127 x 3 x 3
Push Press - 175 x 4 x 5 (failed 4th rep on 2nd and 4th sets)
MetCon: 5:23 14' rope climb
Erik 2009-10-06
Ok, Greg--forgive me for naivete, I'm interested in the Riser as a training modality--how does it complement, etc. Much appreciated...
Greg Everett 2009-10-06
Erik - Very simple - just increases the range of motion to work through that bottom position. Good way to work strength from the start position, posture, and just to get some variety.
matt 2009-10-07
How do you get that flexible for overhead squats? Repetition?

I guess what I mean are how can you stretch the achilles and patellar tendon to get that deep and maintain such a perfect lumbar curve?
matt 2009-10-07
By the way I meant is instead of are... and thanks ahead of time for responding...
Noah 2011-12-07
Hang Clean- 3x4:65lb
Snatch Balance- 3x2:65lb, 3x2:80lb
Push Press- 4x5:95lb

skipped metcon
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