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Saturday October 17 2009
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charlie 2009-10-16
newbie here heavy single? max out or just do 1rep of somthing near max? thank you
dan 2009-10-16
it is explained if you click the link "Info"
bso 2009-10-17
# Snatch - went for max @ 170. several attempts, each better than the last, and all of them overhead, but nothing landed. Video review shows hips rising too fast on the first pull.
# Clean & jerk - heavy single at 205. nervous system checked out after snatches
# Back squat - 85% x 4 x 3
Cut it short to prep for coaching today.
jake oleander 2009-10-17
FINALLY got a bodyweight snatch!
also the first time i've done a legit full snatch. felt great. thanks PM!
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