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Wednesday October 21 2009
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D-Dub 2009-10-21
Great stuff! Keep it coming!

A great CF video here as well:
bso 2009-10-21
Yesterday's workout highlights. Suggestions, criticisms welcome!


Cory 2009-10-21
D-dub that is absolutely one of the most hilarious things I think I have ever seen
Brian PCF 2009-10-21
Clean and Jerk
Clean Deadlift
Front Squat
-x225 (f)
4 Rounds for time:
Run 10m x 4 (shuttle)
15 Kipping Pullups
Time: 3:20
Raph D 2009-10-21
Hi, I showed up last saturday for the first time for open workout. When you write your rep scheme for the WOD, is it "weight x reps x sets" or "weight x sets x reps?"

Want to start throwing these WODs into my regimen. Thanks!
Greg Everett 2009-10-21
Raph - weight x reps x sets. if there's no weight, it's sets x reps
bso 2009-10-21
* Clean & jerk - 170 x 2, 180 x 1 x 4
* Clean deadlift - 255 (of clean) x 4 x 5
* Front squat - 245 x 2 x 5

4 rounds for time:
10 m sprint x 4 (back and forth, touch floor at each end)
15 kipping pull-ups

Ate a massive supper 3 hours before the workout, but I still felt like shit before and after met-con.
bso 2009-10-21
Could I please get some coaching on my C&J from today?


I was watching a Kono video today and he mentioned trying to stay over the bar longer. I think I do better with that today compared to yesterday, but any comments/suggestions as to what to work on next time would be appreciated.

Brian PCF 2009-10-22
bso - I'm sure Greg can give you a better answer than mine, but looking at your clean, I'd say you have some fairly tight hips and looking at your jerk, I'd say you have some fairly tight hamstrings.

Have you checked out Kelly Starrett's Midline Stabilization series on the CFJ? I think you'd get some improved quickness and mobility with some PNF on the hamstring and ITB.
bso 2009-10-22
Thanks Brian! How do you suppose the tight hamstrings are manifesting themselves in my jerk?
Brian PCF 2009-10-23
BSO - your hamstrings mainly on the jerk. Watch how your hips don't rotate, they slide forward with your knees under the bar. They should stay straight up and down.
Greg Everett 2009-10-23
BSO - Hang clean - Look good. Stay back on your heels longer and bring the bar to your hips instead of bringing your hips to the bar. Don't throw your head back.Snatch balance - Watch the weight on your feet - keep it on your heels while you're popping the bar. You're shifting really far forward as you initiate the movement and having to jump forward to get under the bar. Also keep trying to move faster under the bar and farther - minimize the drive up on the bar and maximize your elbow drive down into the squat.Push press - Try widening your grip maybe 1.5" on each side, and bring the elbows out to the sides more in the rack position - flare the lats. When you initiate the press, bring the elbows out and under the bar sooner rather than leaving them out front like a tricep-extension. Also - don't let the hips slide forward at the bottom of the dip - set that lower back arch tightly and drive your heels through the floor.CJ - On your pull from the floor, get back on your heels and stay there. As the bar comes up to your knees, you just move into it until you're leaning way to far over it. Don't worry about shrugging the bar up - relax the arms/shoulders and pop more aggressively with the knees/hips, and then pull yourself under. On the jerk, see comments on push press dip/drive above.Otherwise, things are looking really good.
bso 2009-10-23
Thanks guys!!!
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