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Saturday October 24 2009
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  • Snatch - heavy single; 80% (of single) x 1 x 4
  • Clean & jerk - heavy single; 80% (of single) x 1 x 4
  • Good morning - 30% (of back squat) x 8 x 3
3 rounds for time:
Farmer's walk - 50 m
12 burpees

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bso 2009-10-24
* Snatch - 155 Power snatch, failed at 165... power snatched it but it was just slightly too far forward... I'll post video; 135 x 1 x 4
* Clean & jerk - 205, failed at 225; 165 (of single) x 1 x 4
* Good morning - 95 x 8 x 3

3 rounds for time:
Farmer's walk - 50 m with 2 55# kbs
12 burpees

I've been expecting to hit new personal bests the last two saturdays, but so far I'm not even at par with my recent bests (Oct 3 & 4 hit 165 snatch and 225 c&j). Thoughts???
Aimee 2009-10-24
how long have you been doing the program? If you just started that is likely why you are not hitting close to, or getting pr's. It takes a while to adapt to a new training cycle. Also, whenever it says 'heavy single", you have to remember that that DOES NOT mean that you will max out, get a PR, or even come close to your PR. It just means we want to see where your at for this week. What is your heavy single today considering everything you did this week, or the last 2 weeks? A lot of things factor in to how heavy you are going to lift on Saturday... where are you in the strength cycle, how tired your legs are because of a hellacious squat workout 2 days before, how much sleep and recovery you have gotten, etc. Sometimes you may get a PR, sometimes you may get 20kg's below your best. Does this make sense?
So with that, please don't think you are doing badly because you didn't match or get a pr on your heavy single day. There are times where you may not be anywhere near your pr. Welcome to training! For those people who are able to get to their maxes each week, that just tells us that that is not their true max, and they have the potential to lift a lot more. Some weightlifters may go a whole year without going within 5 kgs of their best lift ever.
Hope this helps.

Also... why are you power snatching when snatches are prescribed? and are your weights above in pounds or kilos? we talk in kilos, so I just want to clarify if you power snatched 155 kg, or pounds?
Cory 2009-10-25

whew....that makes me feel a lot better about my training. I had what I thought was a terrible day lifting Saturday because I was 20 lbs off my snatch max and the same for C and J. I did decide to go for my max on squat and snatch dead lift two days prior so with that in mind I guess it wasn't to bad.

Thanks for the info
Brian PCF 2009-10-26

Didn't have time to hit the Good Mornings or METCON. I upped the C&J weight based off my C&J PR (100kg), so thanks for the guidance Aimee, I'll adjust for future WODs.

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