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Sunday October 25 2009
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AWood 2009-10-24
Just out of curiosity. I wanted to know your feelings on this type of training and basketball. Is it a good marriage? I figured this with some more conditioning work and maybe some plyos would be about as good as it gets for explosive power and endurance. Wondering what your thoughts are as the trainers of this great program.
Rob 2009-10-25
Without a doubt- one of the best, if not the best, online programs available.

However, it takes a full commitment for the weightlifting movements. If you have not had hands-on instruction, get some first. After that, remember it takes years to be "good" at weightlifting, so progress your weight increases gradually.

Make sure you get some assistance as well to merge the upcoming season with the front page workouts-

Good luck
AWood 2009-10-25
Well i'm a coach and have some solid background in training and was most curious about the best way to train athletes for explosiveness and quickness. I know they say the olympic movements are the best for that, but I want to make sure I get the endurance part of it too. Would it be better to do separate endurance or add in a crossfit workout with it??
bso 2009-10-25
Just following up on yesterday.

Aimee, thank you so much for the thorough post! To answer your questions:

- I have been posting in pounds
- I power snatched the 155 because that just seems to be what I do.... I'll post video so you can see what I mean later this week... but I just don't seem to go to the bottom of the clean or the snatch very readily.
- I have been on the PM WOD for about 4 weeks now. I hit my personal bests at the Calgary seminar.

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