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Tuesday October 27 2009
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Audra - 6 for 6 at the Bad Girl Open
  • Hang clean - 65% x 2 x 4
  • Snatch balance - 70% x 3 x 4
4 rounds for time:
Kipping pull-ups - max consecutive reps (min. 10)
5 Push press - 75%

3 sets:
A. Weighted sit-up x 10
B. Reverse hyper - 3 x 20
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Brian PCF 2009-10-27
Hang Clean 65kgx2x4 Snatch Balance 45kgx3x4 4 Rounds: Max Pullups 5 Push Press, 62.5kg Time: 5:00 Pullups: 30-4-5-7 Notes: Forgot the "10 minimum" or I would have rested more. Burnt myself out a bit on the first round. Weighted Situp 15lbsx10x3 Reverse Hyper 3x10 Notes: Did this just by 69ing the GHD (best way I can describe it...). My back was fried, could only do 10.

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