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Wednesday October 28 2009
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Jon 2009-10-27
Wonder where she learned that form? I bet Mom is proud. Awesome!!
Rutman 2009-10-28
Leaves don't fall far from their trees--that is a great kid
josh everett 2009-10-28
way to go Jade!
Geoff Aucoin 2009-10-28
That was super cool!
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2009-10-28
Super awesome little girl !
Dutch 2009-10-28
Jade is Da Bomb!!
Good job girl.
grady mac 2009-10-28
Lookin Great Jade! Carrot Top off stage left is on the edge of his seat.
Audra 2009-10-28
Jade's lifting debut was SICK!! Jade rocks!
Aimee 2009-10-28
here is a link that shows all of her snatches and her clean & jerks! She finished with a 15kg snatch and a 20kg clean & jerk!

Danny Mays 2009-10-28
These girls have baaaad intentions.
nadia Shatila 2009-10-28
that was awesome!!! i'm embarrassed jade can snatch more than me!
Lisa Demetrio 2009-10-29
wow she is pretty darn good! God bless her! she has better form than many adults I train! LOL goood luck to Mom and daughter in all your endeavors..great post thanks for the share!
SD_Mikey 2009-10-29
That is way cool! Her form is waaay better than mine.
Josh Bell 2009-10-29
That was the coolest thing I have seen in a long time! You guys must be very proud!
Brian PCF 2009-10-30
Muscle Snatch
Front Squat
3 Rounds for time:
10 Sandbag Halfmoons, 60 lbs (only weight I had)
8 Box Jump, 24 in
Time: 5:07
3 sets:
A. Glute-ham raise x 10
B. Ab wheel x 10

Notes: I have weak core strength, I'm embracing this. I couldn't do the first set of GHR unbroken, I couldn't do a single rep of Ab Wheel where I went all the way down and could get back up. Leaning my lesson on this.
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