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Friday November 6 2009
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  • Snatch - 80% x 1 x 4
  • Snatch pull off 3" riser - 90% (of snatch) x 3 x 3
  • Snatch push press - 89% x 3 x 3
  • Back squat - 87% x 2 x 4
3 sets:
A. Reverse hyper x 20
B. Weighted sit-up x 10

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Travis 2009-11-05
I wish I could have seen that guys' reaction in person. :(
Jesse Woody 2009-11-06
Haha, the best part is the smile on your face, great bail Aimee! :D
Kyle Pichie 2009-11-06
Hey guys, quick question which maybe someone here can clear up. When you have Snatch Push Press, Im 80% sure for the % you want lets say 89% of your snatch, and not 89% of you Push press for the Snatch Push Press weight correct?
Greg Everett 2009-11-06
Kyle - I want 89% of your best snatch push press - if you don't have a max for that, base it on your best snatch, and you will have to up the weight if your snatch is technique rather than strength-limited.
Josh 2009-11-06
Is the snatch push press done in front or behind the neck?
Kyle Pichie 2009-11-06
Alright thanks Greg, I have been doing your programming for close to a month (which i LOVE so far) and have always done the % of my snatch for my Snatch PP, so this is good to know, thanks again.

Also I have been trying to promote this website on facebook for a while, not sure how many people are doing this programming, but I would like to see more people commenting and keeping the community tight.

Best of Luck, Kyle
Greg Everett 2009-11-06
Kyle - behind the neck. check the exercises section for descriptions and videos of all these lifts.
David Osorio 2009-11-06
Fun picture today.

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