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A Response to Mike Gray’s Ridiculous Crap About Competing in Weightlifting
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | May 2 2016 | Comments

There have been two or three times when I’ve intentionally written articles with outlandish titles just to see how many internet morons will post half-cocked raging comments about them without actually reading the article. This is obviously one of them.   My buddy Mike Gray wrote an article not too long ago about why everybody should compete in weightlifting. It was a great piece and...... Continue reading
American Weightlifting: Forgetting the Big Picture
Greg Everett | Editorial | April 25 2016 | Comments (2)

I think one of the biggest mistakes made in US weightlifting (well... on the Internet by Americans) is an excessive focus on the misguided idea that there are amazing secrets of lift technique we're not aware of that play a dramatic role in the performance disparity between American lifters and their European and Asian counterparts.   I humbly submit that this is untrue, and that the on...... Continue reading
Weightlifting Program Design: Exercise Order
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | April 18 2016 | Comments

The order of exercises is an important element of the training session prescription, as it will influence both the effect of the exercises as well as the performance of each exercise in the session. The basic structure is to order exercises in descending degree of technical complexity and speed. That is, exercises that are faster and more complex (e.g. the competition lifts and their variations) w...... Continue reading
A Closer Look at USAW Teams & Coaches
Greg Everett | Editorial | April 13 2016 | Comments

Floelite published an article showing the number of lifters at the 2016 National Championships qualified by each of the top coaches and teams. Many of the numbers were incorrect, and some have been corrected, but more importantly, I think the numbers showed an incomplete picture of the landscape. I have some more numbers and information to finish that picture. (Note here that I didn't recount ...... Continue reading
What Kind of Jerk Are You? Strength & Elastic Jerk Styles
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | April 11 2016 | Comments

There are technical variations of the competition lifts that are rooted in the actual physical characteristics of the lifter rather than ideological or pedagogical differences. One of the most dramatic ones is the nature of a lifter’s dip and drive in the jerk. I call the two categories (which are really the two ends of a spectrum) strength and elastic as they’re decent descriptors of ...... Continue reading
Make Your Own Atmosphere
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | April 7 2016 | Comments

I remember hearing at some point David Lee Roth (AKA Diamond Dave, original singer of Van Halen) saying people are always out prowling around saying, "Where's the action?" and his saying in response, "Man, you ARE the action!" Atmosphere and environment are big elements of successful lifting, but you can't expect to just stumble upon them in some secret location. You...... Continue reading
Avoiding Methods That May Ruin Your Olympic Weightlifting Program
Sergey Bondarenko | Olympic Weightlifting | April 4 2016 | Comments (4)

Addressing the most popular mistakes of weightlifters is a common theme for many articles nowadays. Most of them address weaknesses in technique; some of them are true, whilst others give less accurate advice. However, there is one flaw all of them have: practically they are quite useless. First of all, technique is a quite individual thing. Three lifters may show the same deviation of bar path, o...... Continue reading
Why You Should Compete in Weightlifting
Mike Gray | Olympic Weightlifting | March 31 2016 | Comments (3)

A few weeks ago Matt Foreman and I were teaching a weightlifting seminar geared toward masters and at the end we had a little Q & A so people could ask Matt about his super secret diet tricks and why I hate the use of NSAIDs (This is complete sarcasm). However, we did talk about competing. When asked about it, Matt actually surprised me a bit by saying, Hey, if you want to compete, go for it, ...... Continue reading
Major Changes at Catalyst Athletics
Greg Everett | Editorial | March 31 2016 | Comments (4)

Catalyst Athletics is undergoing a dramatic change. We’re returning to our weightlifting roots—the garage gym.   After 8 years of running our current 5,000 square foot facility in California, and almost 15 years in the gym business, we’re relocating to a small town in central Oregon and exiting the commercial gym business. April 30th will be the last day of the gym’s...... Continue reading
Interview: Leo Totten
Matt Foreman | Interviews | March 30 2016 | Comments

Leo Totten has done more for weightlifting in the United States than the vast majority of people involved in the sport. I realize that’s a huge statement to open this interview with, but it’s totally appropriate in this case. Leo started his road in weightlifting as an athlete in the 1970s. After rising to the national level and competing in the 1984 Olympic Trials, he decided to retir...... Continue reading
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