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Weightlifting Technical Glitches I'm Seeing A LOT These Days: Part 1
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | October 28 2013 | Comments (17)

Believe it or not, I hate writing about weightlifting technique. No matter what you say, somebody is going to disagree or challenge it. Even if you write one of the most basic, universally understood ideas in weightlifting, it’ll still get second-guessed by some keyboard legend. I could write "To win weightlifting competitions, you have to lift more weight than your competitors" an...... Continue reading
A Weightlifting Lesson From Miley Cyrus: Aging in the Sport
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | October 14 2013 | Comments (11)

A few days ago, Miley Cyrus got on the Today Show and told Matt Lauer that people are no longer sexual after they turn 40. I think this is bad news for a lot of us, especially weightlifters. You see, many of you are starting to get a little older. I’ve learned a lot about the people who read the articles and blogs on Catalyst, and I know we’ve got a wide range of ages. Some of y...... Continue reading
Strength, Bands & Staying in Your Lane
Greg Everett | Editorial | October 10 2013 | Comments (63)

This is an article I’m regretting writing before I even start. One, because I know it will spur a bunch of time-consuming argument on the internet; two, because no matter what it will sound emotional; and three, because it feels a bit like trying to convince people that it makes more sense to eat with your hands than with your feet. I expect that the people who agree with what I’m goin...... Continue reading
Oh, and Don't Forget... The Bulgarian System
Bob Takano | Olympic Weightlifting | October 7 2013 | Comments (1)

I continue to hear about lifters that are fascinated with the Bulgarian method of training, practice it and swear that it is THE WAY to train. I’m speaking about the practice of going up to max singles on every lift every training day. We first heard about this approach when Dr. Terry Todd wrote an article about Naim Suleymanoglu’s lifting for Sports Illustrated in 1984. Most of u...... Continue reading
Lift Before You Lift: Weightlifting Training Warm-ups
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | October 1 2013 | Comments (2)

You all know how I feel about warming up. I've spent a lot of time explaining it. If you've missed it somehow, I'll distill my thesis to its essence: If you're not warming-up, you're not tough or elite, you're lazy. Don't confuse this as my saying I think you should spend hours warming up each day; I'm saying you need to prepare adequately. Aside from warming up in a general way, we can do ...... Continue reading
Mom! The Meatloaf! Composure in Weightlifting
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | September 30 2013 | Comments (10)

I told a lie recently. One of my students asked me, “What’s your most embarrassing moment ever?” I replied with, “I can’t really think of one, because I don’t get embarrassed easily.” The part about not getting embarrassed easily is true, but it’s a lie to say that I can’t think of a most embarrassing moment. I can definitely think of on...... Continue reading
I Wish...
Mike Gray | Editorial | September 26 2013 | Comments (6)

I wish I liked the clean and jerk as much I like the snatch. I wish I liked to work as much I love going to the gym to lift. I wish I liked mobility work. I wish I had bought 100 pairs of the Adidas 2008 AdiStar shoes because apparently every dude between the ages of 15 and 50 think those will make him become Klokov according to the prices they are going for on Ebay I wish my knee&rsqu...... Continue reading
Your Pain Tolerance, And Your Creamy Filling: Types of Weightlifters
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | September 16 2013 | Comments (4)

Let’s take a look at your pain tolerance. I don’t need to tell you that weightlifting involves dealing with some pain. And this blog would be about six lines long if I applied the old “just suck it up and deal with it” mentality to the whole issue. We could just blurt out that mantra and be done with it. But here’s the thing, brothers and sisters… It&rsq...... Continue reading
How To Fix Disgusting Mutant Weightlifting Technique
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | September 2 2013 | Comments (4)

We were talking about building great technique in my last blog post, and I used the phrase “disgusting mutant CrossFit power snatch technique” to describe what it looks like when you do the OLifts incorrectly. I’m glad everybody understood what I was saying, and why I said it. Obviously, I wasn’t slamming CrossFit. If anybody took it that way, they missed the point. Many...... Continue reading
The 1,000 Rep Problem: Weightlifting Technique
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | August 19 2013 | Comments (15)

I need to use a hypothetical situation (and a hypothetical conversation) to get to the point of this post. So visualize this with me… The situation is a workout where I’m coaching a beginner/intermediate lifter I’ve been working with for a while. The athlete is getting ready to start doing some snatches. Lifter: “Coach, my snatch technique is almost right. I can feel...... Continue reading
Showing 186 — 195 of 386
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