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Jessica's Complex & Competition
12 weeks

This is a 12-week program with a lot of complexes in the first 8 weeks, and a competition taper in the last 4 weeks. Pulling strength is emphasized, but squat strength and overhead strength are not forgotten. The volume is high, so be prepared before you start it.

Volume: Very High
Intensity: Adjustable

Good For:
  • Volume accumulation
  • Pulling strength
  • The percentages that follow an RM are of that day's RM. For example, 5RM; 95%x5, 90%x5 means that you work up to a 5RM, then do 95% of that for 5 reps, and then 90% of it for 5 reps.
  • Rep prescriptions like 3+1 provide the rep count for each exercise in the complex in order. For example, Segment Clean (knee) + Jerk Drive + Jerk - (1+3+1)RM means that for each set, you will perform 1 segment clean, then 3 jerk drives, then 1 jerk.

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(12) Comments
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Bobby 2015-09-01
Do you still have a link for a spreadsheet on this program? Im having trouble finding it.
We are no longer using the spreadsheets. You will have to go off of the site pages.

Steve Pan
Austen 2015-09-07
Is there any Links for the spreadsheets for any of your programs?
Sebastian 2015-10-02
Made small PR increases in Jerk, OHS, Front and backsquat. But I only lasted 10 weeks. By the end of week ten I had pain in knees, hips, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists and neck. On the last day I managed about 90% of my PR in the lifts.
Laura C 2015-10-13
Just wondering if the rule above about RM applies to HS? For example: Snatch - HS; 70%x2x3. Does that mean we work up to a heavy single then apply that rep scheme and percentage to whatever we worked up to that day? Thanks!
That is correct. Work to a heavy single, then 3 sets of 2 reps at 70% of whatever you make in the heavy single.

Steve Pan
JaJarr Teerawanitsan 2015-10-25
When it is Clean + Front Squat + Jerk - 3RM, does it mean (1+1+1)x3reps or just 1+1+1? Thank you
1 of each exercise for 3 total reps per set

Greg Everett
Antoine Rastwon Bonner 2015-10-11
When going for 3rm. Do you have to keep grip of bar or can you drop between reps.
Try to keep your grip but drop if needed

Greg Everett
Lauren Evans 2015-09-11
How long should we hold the halting dl?
3 seconds

Greg Everett
Audrey Null 2015-09-23
Front Squat 3x5, 3 reps five times, or 5 reps three times?
Read this!

Greg Everett
Ze Gregorio 2015-09-20
just pr'd my snatch yesterday 5 kilo pr! super stoked
Vojt?ch Birka 2015-05-11
Hi, I have one question. During this strength program are changing numbers for 1RM for each exercise or the are staying constant during 12weeks for calculation percentages. Thx for answer
They stay the same unless you PR during the cycle, in which case update that PR to calculate your %s going forward.

Greg Everett
Nick Shironaka 2015-11-08
I just finished the program yesterday. First I want to thank you for providing such an excellence resource to us. Going into this program, I was coming off of several injury problems and my PRs went way down. I entered only able to clean and jerk 235# and snatch 170# on my best day. Yesterday, I got an all time PR of 285# on clean and jerk and an all time PR of 230# on snatch. I am extremely satisfied with the results and I cannot wait to get started on a new program!
Arnell Panetta 2015-11-24
Jumping Squat @ 80% of back squat? Is this correct?
This is correct.

Steve Pan

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