I Wish...
Mike Gray

I wish I liked the clean and jerk as much I like the snatch.

I wish I liked to work as much I love going to the gym to lift.

I wish I liked mobility work.

I wish I had bought 100 pairs of the Adidas 2008 AdiStar shoes because apparently every dude between the ages of 15 and 50 think those will make him become Klokov according to the prices they are going for on Ebay

I wish my knee’s would feel like they do in 7mm Rehbands and heavy dose of Sombra, all the time.

I wish my quads and traps would actually grow like I thought they would if I squatted and pulled 5 times a week.

I wish my garage were level and tall enough to actually do the lifts in it.

I wish guys like Zlaten Vanev and Syzmon Kolecki could compete forever.

I wish real networks covered World Championships during primetime in HD.

I wish Ironmind would go back to making training hall videos.

I wish my Snatch and C/J ratio was in the ballpark of normal. Well without my snatch going to shit.

I wish those new Adidas shoes came in some color other than heart attack red. I don’t need my shoes to match my face.

I wish being the tallest guy in your weight class was good for something.

Most importantly:

I wish I were a new lifter just walking onto a platform for the first time with years ahead of me and miles of PR’s to go.

Get better but enjoy the ride.

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Mike Gray is a weightlifter for Team Catalyst Athletics and a coach at Catalyst Athletics affiliate gym, Outlier Barbell.

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Tamara Reynolds 2013-09-26
Love this! I have a pair of the 2008 adistars. I totally feel like Klokov when I wear them.
Greg Everett 2013-09-26
Buying 2 pairs of the old Ironworx was the best decision I've ever made.
Louie Uribe 2013-09-26
Wish I was 29 and not 49 and didn't wait till I was 48 to learn the classic lifts. Yeah, blood Adidas, Nah!
Jim Malone 2013-09-26
Awesome.....I wish I wasn't so late to the O-Lifting party, deciding last year to train full time & compete at 45 yrs old!, if I had got on board sooner, then the first 6 of my 7 yrs in San Diego I could've had more time to train with Mike Gray, and could've had more sessions under Greg's watchful eyes during all those bay area road trips vs. the Giants...that being said, I'm thankful for Greg & Mike's friendship and counsel and happy everyday I'm sore as hell from training!, looking forward to the movie premiere!!
Murphy Morgan 2013-09-27
Mike, this is awesome! I think you must have read my mind for some of these. I wish I didn't feel like I have a new injury everyday.
Mark 2013-10-04
I lift like Russian!
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