• Learn the Olympic lifts from coach Greg Everett: Beginner snatch, clean and jerk programs.
Step 1: Learn the Lifts

Learn the snatch, clean and jerk from one of the most recognized Olympic weightlifting coaches in the world using proven methodology. Follow a series of complete sessions guiding you through with easy-to-follow video to learn how to snatch, clean and jerk, as well as all the fundamentals critical for beginners to build a strong foundation.

1. Download the TrainHeroic app.

2. Purchase the Learn the Lifts program: Snatch, Clean, Jerk or the complete package.

3. Start learning!

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Step 2: Train the Lifts

After completing the learn to lift program, follow the complete 4-stage training program series to progress sensibly from learning the lifts to using advanced training programs that suit your personal needs.
· Learn and reinforce proper lift technique

· Develop mobility & stability for safety & performance

· Build strength & explosiveness to continue progressing

Level 1   Level 2   Level 3   Level 4