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Welcome to the Weightlifting Life Podcast, hosted by Greg Everett & Ursula Garza. This show is about the Olympic sport of weightlifting, primarily comprised of answers to audience questions covering all topics related to weightlifting from snatch and clean & jerk technique, to program design, to recovery & restoration, to competition, to the politics of the sport.

Greg Everett is the head coach of the national champion team Catalyst Athletics, Olympic Trials coach, and author of the world's leading book on weightlifting.

Ursula Garza is head coach of the national champion team Texas Barbell, a former world championship level weightlifter, and the first female senior international coach in USA Weightlifting.

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Excessive Mobility, Floor vs Hang, Receiving Lifts Low, Weight Gain
Episode 50 | December 13 2018

How much mobility do you really need for weightlifting, and is more a problem? Instability and lack of control snatching from the floor relative to hang; should you receive your lifts as low as possible? How to gain some weight for skinny people....

Hips Up in the Squat, Sliding Back in Push Press, Shoulder Rehab & Power Position
Episode 49 | October 3 2018

How to fix the hips rising faster than the shoulders in the squat, why you slide backward in the push press and how to fix it, Ursula wants to know about Greg's rehab after shoulder dislocation and supra/labrum tear, and what the power position i...

Vertical Extension and Weightlifting Gear & Accessories
Episode 48 | September 5 2018

Understanding the position at the top of the snatch and clean pull, and when and how weightlifting gear should be used....

Cues vs Technique vs Strength & The New Bodyweight Classes
Episode 47 | July 25 2018

What to do when cues aren't working - do you need more technique work or more strength? And the obligatory discussion of the new weight classes....

Redoing Workouts, Coach Changes, Jumping Forward in the Snatch, Limited Equipment Training, Getting Coaching at Meets
Episode 46 | June 27 2018

Redoing workouts and why you shouldn't, changing coaches, what to do if you're jumping forward in the snatch, how to train with very limited equipment, and how to get coaching help at a competition if you don't have a coach....

Raised Heels, Awkward Foot Position & Garage Gym Outfitting
Episode 45 | June 6 2018

Whether or not raising the heels for overhead squats because of limited ankle ROM is a good idea, how to correct awkward foot position in receiving the snatch or clean, and ideas on outfitting a garage gym....

Hitting the Pubic Bone, Aging, Competing & Retiring, and Imbalances from the Split Jerk
Episode 44 | May 23 2018

Why you may be hitting your pubic bone in the snatch and how to avoid it; the dilemmas of aging, adult responsibilities, pain and injuries and still trying to train and compete in weightlifting; and what to do to correct and/or prevent leg strength i...

Cutting Weight & Learning How to Count Attempts for Competition
Episode 43 | May 1 2018

All about cutting weight and rehydrating for competition, and how to learn and practice counting attempts....

New Olympic Qualifications, Split vs. Power Jerk, Snatch Strength & Technique, Back Foot Sliding in Jerk
Episode 42 | April 17 2018

A look at the new qualification procedure for the 2020 Olympics, a discussion of the power jerk and split jerk and how to balance training the two as well as determine which is appropriate for you, big gaps between strength and snatch weights, and ho...

Deloading, Getting Aggressive with a Ballet Background, Repeating a Program & Coaching Attention
Episode 41 | March 27 2018

The purpose and methods of deloading weeks as well as GPP/hypertrophy and conditioning phases; how to get more explosive and aggressive if you tend to be more graceful instead; what to do if you're just repeating the same program for years and it...
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