Clean & Jerk Rack Positions
6 Items

Understanding how to establish optimal rack positions for the clean and jerk, and how to improve them or make adjustments as needed. View Collection
Grip for Weightlifting
10 Items

Training grip and hand/wrist strength and discussions of grip position and related topics for Olympic weightlifting. View Collection
Overhead Mobility
7 Items

Everything you need to know about developing mobility to allow the optimal overhead position for the snatch and jerk. View Collection
Overhead Position
20 Items

The overhead position for the snatch and jerk can be confusing: there are a lot of small details that have big influences on the strength and stability (and safety) of the position, and a lot of contradictory or unclear information out there. Here are articles View Collection
Pulling Position & Balance
20 Items

Position and balance in the pull of the snatch and clean determines the success of the lift - be sure you're not overlooking these details. View Collection
Snatch & Clean Second Pull
30 Items

How to correctly perform the second pull or extension of the snatch and clean, and training to improve it. View Collection
Snatch & Clean Starting Position & First Pull
19 Items

Proper performance of and training to improve the starting position and first pull of the snatch and clean. View Collection
Snatch & Clean Third Pull & Receipt
37 Items

Understanding the third pull, pull under or turnover of the snatch and clean, including the receipt and recovery from the bottom, and methods to improve its speed, accuracy and stability. View Collection
Squat Mobility
7 Items

How to develop a correct and comfortable squat to support maximal snatch and clean performance. View Collection
The Jerk Dip & Drive
12 Items

Developing the optimal position, balance, timing, power, bar trajectory and more in the dip and drive phase of the jerk. View Collection
The Split for the Jerk
16 Items

Understanding and developing the proper split position for the split jerk, and considerations for the splitting motion during the jerk. View Collection
Trunk Strength & Stability
10 Items

How to properly stabilize the trunk for Olympic weightlifting, and how to train trunk strength and stability. View Collection
Weightlifting Competition Performance
14 Items

How to better compete in Olympic weightlifting, and to coach in weightlifting competition. View Collection
Weightlifting Competition Preparation
4 Items

Training and preparation for Olympic weightlifting competition, from programming and training considerations, to mental strategies. View Collection
Weightlifting Program Design
9 Items

Information on training program design for Olympic weightlifting. View Collection
Weightlifting Squat Technique
13 Items

Squat technique for Olympic weightlifting and methods for improving your squatting balance, posture and more. View Collection