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Dave H
November 5 2007
thanks for the great article.. I've been stuck in "A" rut for a while, this will give me a plan to attack, and get me to the next step. The block thing was totally new to me, but I'm sure it will work better than my thera bands have.
November 5 2007
Yeah, if you have questions about what to do when, technique, how to progress if you're stuck or whatever then just post up on the forum, and I'll help ya out.
November 5 2007
Nice article, Steven. What's the heaviest guy you know of that has done this? The only way I could pull it off is to cut off my legs.
November 5 2007
John Gill's site has good performances in history:

Heaviest guy to have done one was 266 lbs in the 1930s. So I'm pretty sure that most people have the ability to attain one if they work hard enough. :)
November 14 2007
Holy crap, those records are ridiculous. Got the PM Journal subscription last night. Looking forward to more good stuff.
May 15 2008
Nice article Steve very nice.

Valentin Uzunov
Pat M
December 20 2009
Excellent article.
May 5 2011
I remember Coach Sommer ( uses a technique for his students where they hang head down from a bar with dumbbells in their hands - like an upside-down cross, however not carrying their own bodyweight but using the by gravity created force on the DBs.
October 20 2013
What's the prognosis if you are not a skinny guy - say 6', 165 pounds. Lean but not small framed, especially below the waist?

Any chance of attaining this?
September 5 2014
When you talk about adding sets and then reps to the iron cross concentric exercise, does this also apply to other concentric movements? For example, I am doing 3x5-8 reps of RTO dips, do I start increasing the sets and reps to progress with the dips. Or do I just keep it at 3 sets and do the same amount of reps and sets until I get better at them and them try to push on to the next progression. If so, is that what you would recommend when trying to progress in any concentric exercise?