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Standing Twist

AKA Standing plate twist, standing rotation
The standing twist is the simplest trunk rotation exercise.
Stand with the feet about shoulder width and hold a plate in both hands with the elbows at the sides and forearms horizontal. Rotate at the trunk powerfully to one side, keeping the feet planted solidly on the floor. Change directions quickly as you reach the end of the rotation to twist to the other side. The movement should be quick, powerful and continuous from side to side.
The speed of the movement is important for its effectiveness—without any speed, there is virtually no resistance or work done.
The standing twist trains rotational strength and stamina for general trunk stability.  
The standing twist should be performed for sets of 10-30+ and will generally be more of a stamina exercise with higher reps.
The standing twist can be performed with nearly any weighted implement. Most commonly a barbell can be held in the back squat position—use caution when doing this variation for the first time because the length of the barbell creates a great deal of momentum and the speed of the movement will be slower than with a plate.
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Jake Duncan
January 4 2016
One each side equals one?
Depends on the prescription. If it says "per side" or "/side" it will be just that instead of total reps.

Steve Pan