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AKA Barbell lunge, walking lunge
The lunge is a basic unilateral leg strength exercise that can help with imbalances or weak split positions in the jerk.
Place the barbell behind the neck as you would for a back squat and pressurize and tighten your trunk. Step forward with one leg as far as you would in a split jerk or slightly farther (far enough that the front shin remains vertical into the bottom of the lunge), keeping your trunk as upright as possible and your weight balanced evenly between the two feet. Sink to a depth at which your rear knee very lightly touches the floor—don’t let it crash down against the floor or rest it on the floor. Push off the front foot more through the heel to step back into your starting position. You can perform all reps in a set with one leg before switching to the other leg, or alternate each rep.
Many athletes try to load lunges too heavily and lose the position in which the exercise will be most effective. If you can’t maintain a controlled descent into the bottom of the lunge, maintain an upright trunk, and maintain balance between the feet, reduce the weight.
The lunge is the simplest unilateral leg exercise and can be used to improve strength and flexibility balance in the hips, correct imbalanced strength in the legs, improve the strength of the split position for the jerk, or for hypertrophy in addition to squatting.
Sets of 3-8 reps per leg are usually appropriate with weight that allows a smooth movement and no crashing into the bottom position.  
The lunge can be done with the bar in the front squat (clean) rack position. It can also be done as a walking lunge—rather than stepping back with the front foot after each rep, step the back foot forward to meet the front foot. It can also be done by stepping one foot backward.

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Orian Almosnino
March 13 2017
Should you do Lunges if you squat jerk? If so, is there a replacement exercise for this?
Orian - I would suggest still doing lunges. They are a great accessory exercise even if you squat jerk. 

Alyssa Sulay