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Clean Transition Deadlift

AKA Clean transition
The clean transition deadlift is a remedial exercise to train and reinforce the shifting of the knees under the bar and the maintenance of proximity of the bar to the body during the scoop.
Starting in a standing position with a clean grip, bend the knees slightly while keeping the trunk vertical to simulate the power position or the position in which you will be as the knees finish moving under the bar during the second pull—this will be the top of each rep. Slowly hinge at the hips and push the knees back to bring the bar down along the thighs until the bar is just below the knee caps, the shins are vertical, and the shoulders are directly above or very slightly in front of the bar—this is the bottom of each rep. At a slow tempo, shift between these two end positions, maintaining balance over the feet and keeping the bar in light contact with the thighs.
This exercise should only used in rare cases in which a lifter has developed a habit of completely extending the knees prior to the second pull or is somehow preventing the scoop from occurring naturally.
The clean transition deadlift is intended for remediation in cases of lifters who have found a way to avoid allowing the scoop or double knee bend from occurring naturally. This is very unusual and consequently this exercise won’t be a common one.
The clean transition deadlift should be done with moderate weights to ensure the body is being strengthened in the correct positions, but the weight can’t exceed what the lifter can do the movement properly with, or the purpose is defeated.

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August 15 2018
Hi Greg, do you like doing these for higher reps (20+) to "engrain" the pattern or keep them in a normal rep range (3-5)?
I'd stick to the 3-10 range at most.

Greg Everett