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Hanging Leg Raise

AKA HLR, toes to bar
The hanging leg raise is an advanced ab and hip flexor exercise.
Hang from a pull-up bar or stall bars. Without swinging, lift straight legs up as high as possible (bringing the feet or lower shins to the bar), curling the pelvis up as you would in a crunch. Return the legs to the hanging position under control.
Using stall bars is ideal because the upper body will remain still and swinging will be impossible. If performing from pull-up bars, control the speed to minimize swinging.
The hanging leg raise trains both the hip flexors and abs if done properly.
Hanging leg raises can be performed in sets of 10-30+ reps. Strong athletes can add weight to stay within this range.
The speed of the movement can be changed and a pause can be added, usually with the legs horizontal. Partial raises or raises with bent knees can be used to progress athletes to the full movement if necessary.
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