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Rotating Back Extension

The rotating back extension is a variation of the back extension that adds rotation to address more of the trunk.
Perform a back extension but rotate as you extend to bring one shoulder up at the top, rotate back to neutral as you return to the bottom, and rotate to the opposite side as you extend for the next rep. Keep your hands behind your head if possible to aid in upper back extension rather than holding them at your chest.
This is actually a combination of back and hip extension, but we call it a back extension because that is the focus of the exercise.
The rotating back extension trains spinal and hip extension like the back extension, but adds work to more of the trunk musculature like the quadratus lumborum, and helps improve health and stability of the back for athletes who do no rotation in the sport movements themselves.
Rotating back extensions should be used in addition to standard extensions rather than as a substitute. Without weight they can be alternated daily with standard back extensions in the warm-up, or they can be done with weight at the end of a workout 1-3 day/week.
The speed of the movement can be changed, a pause in the extended position can be added, all reps for a single side can be performed consecutively rather than alternating, and weight can be added.

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