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Turkish Get-up

The Turkish Get-up is an exercise that develops stability and mobility throughout the body, in particular the shoulders and hips.
Lie on your back and hold a kettlebell or similar straight up in one extended arm. Lift the knee of the weight-side leg to place that foot flat on the floor. This is your starting position for each rep.
Using the lifted leg and the free arm, push and roll up into a seated position leaning on the free arm and continuing to push the weight straight up and keep it stable. It typically helps to look at the weight throughout the exercise.
Lift the hips into a high bridge position, then using that space, bring the straight leg under and behind yourself into a lunge position with that knee on the floor, bringing yourself upright and off the support arm.
Get up from the lunge into a standing position with the weight still stabilized overhead on a straight arm.
Reverse the motion to return to the starting position, lifting the hips high into the bridge again.
The Turkish get-up trains stability in the shoulder, and mobility and stability in the hips, as well as works to improve trunk strength and stability.
The Turkish get-up should generally be performed for 2-4 sets of 5-6 reps per side. Higher-rep sets are generally so long in duration that the fatigue begins to reduce the effectiveness.
The Turkish Get-up can be performed without the high bridge shown in this demonstration (moving the leg directly into the lunge position without additional hip elevation), performed with a squat instead of a lunge, with alternative implements like a dumbbell or a sandbag used, or with the kettlebell in the bottom-up position.

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