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Cross Body RDL

The cross body RDL is a simple exercise to train hip and back extension with partial rotation.
Stand holding a dumbbell or kettlebell in one hand at your side. Bend the knees only slightly as you hinge at the hip and lower the weight to the floor outside the foot opposite of the loaded arm. Touch the floor lightly and return to the standing position. These can be performed allowing the back to round along with the hips bending, or the back can be held in extension.
The cross body RDL is a simple way to incorporate some multiplanar loading with relatively controlled movement and a more complete range of motion than a cross body deadlift, with more loading of the back.
The cross body RDL is generally best kept toward the end of a training session with other trunk work after any heavy trunk loading or speed work has been completed. It can be done with reps anywhere from 8-15 depending on the goal, but generally weights should remain relatively light.

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