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Weighted Glute Bridge

AKA Hip thrust
The weighted glute bridge is a basic glute exercise that allows the motion to be loaded very heavily.
Lie on your back with a barbell over your hips. Bend the knees and bring the feet flat on the floor close to the glutes. Hold the bar in place with straight arms. Push the heels through the floor and keep the abs tight to lift the hips as high as possible, focusing on contracting the glutes. Lower under control and repeat.
The weighted glute bridge is an easy way to overload hip extension with a focus on the glutes and minimal loading on the back.
Weighted glute bridges can be done at the end of a training session with trunk and accessory work in 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps. Reps as high as 30 can be done as well.
The weighted glute bridge can be done with the upper back supported on a bench or similar to extend the range of motion somewhat and increase the difficulty slightly. It can also be done without allowing the hips to touch the floor between reps to maintain continuous tension.

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