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Bench Dip

The bench dip is a variation of the dip that can be used as a scaled version or for variety.
Place your hands on a bench behind you with your legs straight in front of you and heels on the floor. Keeping your trunk upright, bend the elbows to lower yourself as far as possible, then press back up to the top.
The bench dip is a way to scale the dip to make it easier, to perform dips without dip bars, or as a way to get some variety.
Bench dips can be done for a large range of reps, from 3-5 with weight, to 20 or more without.  They should be done at the end of a training session with other accessory work.
The feet can be elevated to a similar height as the hands, and weight can be added by placing a plate or dumbbell in the lap.

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