Seminar Testimonials

What People Say About Our Seminars

"This was worth the 14 hour trip and border crossing! At a time when everyone and their dog is offering courses and seminars, it is rare to learn from someone who is so experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about a topic in Strength and Conditioning. Don't mistake Everett's no nonsense approach for not caring. It is obvious in the first 2 minutes of listening to him that he is a man who has built his life around performance in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk."
—Graham G.

"The Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Seminar/Certification gave me the background to effectively and efficiently teach the weightlifting movements. The progressions have given me so much more confidence in my coaching! I now have the ability to 'diagnose' and correct specific problems in my lifters, as well as myself. The course has no fluff, it doesn't waste your time. It is money very well spent. As a Physical Therapist/CSCS, I take 2-3 courses/year in order to keep my continuing education up to date. This has been one of the most valuable courses I've taken, bar none. Thank you to Greg, Mike and the Catalyst team for putting on a 'game changer' seminar/certification!"
—John D.

"I've just finished my first training session after the Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting seminar and can already feel the difference in my lifting! Practical application while defining mechanical theories were incredibly helpful throughout the two days. Greg and Mike are able to communicate an extensive amount of information uniquely casually enough to avoid getting overwhelmed and their decades of coaching experience are instantly recognized by their quick and effective cues to fix a multitude of issues around the room. I am very thankful for the weekend and know that my game has changed in a powerful way. I can not recommend this seminar enough for both experienced weightlifters who are hitting a wall with progress or just want to get expert coaching on their lifts and rank novices alike. All will benefit. Thank you!"
—Juli P.

"I highly recommend attending a Catalyst Athletics seminar. Greg structures the course content for effective knowledge transfer, additionally he connects well with his audience. He breaks down the Oly lifts into small communicable steps. First step is technique instruction closely followed by an applied practice session. Interactively, Greg asks for student input during the instruction, then walks around to each person offering technique critique during the practice session. In my opinion the best way to learn and retain the material. Greg is also willing and open to answer any related weightlifting question you may have. For example questions on nutrition. The entire weekend is money well spent."
—Donna P.

"The Catalyst Level 1 seminar was inspirational. The clear methodology to breaking down the Olympic lifts was clear and perfectly-paced. The personal improvement to technique and subsequent results was instant. If you are serious about developing your Olympic lifting you could not invest your money more wisely. Great people, thoroughly enjoyable experience."
—Jonny M.

"I can attest to how passionate Greg is about weightlifting. The seminar was straightforward, and the way he taught/introduced the lifts and its progression was a no-brainer. I have no words to describe how fun it was to learn from him. I recommend Catalyst Athletics seminar to anyone willing to learn the lifts."
—Ivan D.

"The Olympic Weightlifting Seminar delivered by Greg and his coaches was simply the most direct, effective, and worthwhile class I have ever taken. I left with not only improvement of my own lifting but with a ton of tips and drills that will help the athletes I coach as well. Greg and his coaches were knowledgeable, able to effectively break movement down, and reconstruct it for the better. I highly recommend this training!"
—Jeff L.

"I have attended many seminars since opening my CrossFit box and the Catalyst Athletics Seminar was far and away the best one. There was excellent instruction and abundant resources provided. Lifting while Greg and his athletes coached us gave me the best feedback and instruction I've ever received. If you're wondering how to bring your weightlifting program to the next level personally or for your gym, you can start and end with the Catalyst Athletics Seminar."
—Mandi R

"This was the best seminar I had an opportunity to take. Fun, Informative and well organized from start to finish. Do not miss out if you have a chance to do this seminar."
—Gary R

"The Catalyst Athletics Seminar was outstanding. Greg does a great job breaking down the lifts and concisely explaining how to both execute and teach them. I've been involved in Olympic lifting for 15+ years and learned quite a lot, I know the lifters I coach who attended gained tons of knowledge as well. Highly recommended!"
—Mike N.

"Greg and his crew at Catalyst not only are excellent with coaching correct movements patterns and progressions for coaches to implement with athletes/clients, but also take pride in educating on the why. I would recommend this course to any coach who values learning and is eager to understand the proper way to program, teach and perform the Olympic lifting movements. Fantastic certification!"
—Mike L

"I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed the Catalyst Athletics seminar I attended. Not only was able to sharpen my own skills, but I was able to take away a lot of training progressions for my athletes that I coach. I recommend it to anyone who will listen."
—Nick B

"This weightlifting seminar was the best I've taken so far. I'm excited to implement better drills and a better breakdown of the lifts for my clients. I will be able to directly use the programming information for my private Olympic weightlifting clients as well. This certification was comprehensive and held high standards for all participants."
—Kate K

"Greg and his staff do not coach what is fashionable at the time. They coach what works and what is proven. They communicate very clearly and do a great job remediating inefficiencies in their clients' lifts."
—Brad J

"Cannot recommend this course enough! Instruction throughout was outstanding, and the depth of knowledge and expertise from Greg and his team was hugely impressive. If you get the opportunity to attend this course grab it with both hands! (using a hook grip of course!)."
—Ben F.

"I was advised to buy 'Olympic Weightlifting' by Greg Everett four years ago. Since then, I have been a massive fan of Catalyst Athletics. Their resources have been incredibly useful to me as an athlete and a coach. The seminar that I recently attended in Manchester was one of the most enjoyable and informative weekends I have ever had. It was an honour to be coached by Greg, Kara and Steve from Catalyst Athletics and Mark from Crossfit Manchester and I learnt so much. Most importantly, it was fun!"
—Julie P.

"It was an awesome seminar - thanks guys. Best oly class I've ever been to."
—Gary R.

"What a fantastic weekend! My head is totally spinning with all of the info, but really excited to continue working on this!"
—Cait P.

"Greg and his Staff organized a well taught course. I learned a lot of cues and was exposed to visible errors that are seen daily. I am now able to help my athletes perform Olympic Lifts with more confidence and understanding."
—Kevin T.

"I walked away from this with more confidence in my coaching and lifting abilities! Greg and crew are excellent coaches! It was worth it without a doubt!"
—Regi W.

"Thanks to Catalyst for a great weekend! After attending the Catalyst Weightlifting Seminar, I went back to my home gym and did some work on my snatch - the improvement in my form, technique and the ease of the lift was noticeable from the week before. Greg, China, Cara and Mark were fantastic about providing feedback and corrections on each individual's technique. I now have a large list of drills and progressions to use with our lifters. Can't wait to get in more work on my snatch and clean & jerk!"
—Amanda R.

"The best certification I have attended. Their knowledge, pace of instruction, communication of information was fantastic. They complemented the information in Greg's book perfectly. The hands on practical work with them cueing and observing completed the whole experience. I highly recommend this certification if not that level at least attending the seminar - an experience not to be missed."
—Sarah B.

"Thank you for a brilliant seminar. I've been fortunate enough to have attended a number of weightlifting seminars over the years, but there were still huge gaps in my knowledge. Having been coaching athletes for a few years now, I was looking for someone to help me fill these in. I wanted to be challenged with a very high bar, so that when I managed to jump over it, I would know I could call myself a weightlifting coach with some degree of certainty. Thank you for setting that high bar and providing me with the tools to take my coaching to the next level. I look forward to learning from you for years to come."
—Shannon F.

"There is some quote out there that says it takes a knowledgeable man to make something complicated sound simple. This is definitely what you get from Greg. Very clear and precise instruction that makes the progression from the beginner movements to the full snatch and clean and jerk easy to grasp. The feedback from Greg was great. Overall, the seminar was fun and extremely helpful in my growth as an athlete."
—Zach A.

"I picked this seminar because Greg was personally teaching it and he had Ursula come help. When I first heard him speak, he sounded just like his use of words in his articles. He was just himself, and he is an excellent teacher. His progressions are clear and build logically. He understands how to utilize each one and gave clear answers to any question he asked. The work he has done to educate American weightlifting is second to none. I recommend this seminar for the education. Catalyst Athletics has a spirit of excellence, which was exemplified by Greg."
—Jonathan D.

"As a relatively new Olympic lifter I took the level I seminar hoping to learn how to correctly perform the learning progressions and the lifts. Greg did a great job of not only teaching how to perform the progressions and lifts, but also the why of how they are performed. I am now equipped with the tools to keep getting better."
—Tracy G.

"Top notch weightlifting coaching, check. Amazing videos and tips available to the world, check. Well thought out seminar programming, check. What separates a Catalyst Athletics seminar from other similar programs are the people. Greg and the individuals that make up Catalyst Athletics are the real deal. Without a doubt, Greg is someone to learn from and pay attention too. A total no brainer there folks. Catalyst Athletics help make the art of weightlifting less of a frustration and more of a positive experience. Someone once told me; "If you want what we have, you must do what we do." Well, I want what Catalyst has, and I am doing what they tell me to do. As a result, I am becoming a better lifter with every rep. Oh, and Greg is always right."
—Jonathan R.

"I have always used Greg's book, DVD (more recently) and website when teaching the lifts and trying to improve my own lifting. I booked on the seminar with the aim of becoming a better Coach primarily. The course was exactly as I expected. Very professionally run and in keeping with what I have come to expect from Catalyst Athletics. The Coach running the seminar delivered it really well and kept everyone engaged and involved throughout the entire weekend. Not only did I pick up a tonne of small but very important points re the nuances of each of the teaching progressions that I hadn't been aware of before, I also got some great feedback on my own lifting. The way in which the progressions are delivered makes them easy to take away and put into practice in your own sessions. They all run logically into each other and all work really well as stand alone technique primers themselves. It is by far the most common sense approach I’ve seen to teaching Olympic weightlifting."
—Matt R.

Online Courses

Online courses include access to several online modules that include video, text and photo to add to the material in the course textbook and in the seminar. This online course can serve as an alternative to attendance of a live seminar, or for live seminar attendees, will serve as additional course material for the Level 1 certification.

I just wanted to say that your online course is REALLY good and I love the intricate detail Greg provides. I learned a great deal of new information and am very excited to share it with the gym members and to implement it in my own training. —Tyler B.