Episode 1
What Is The Weightlifting Life?
July 19 2016
Welcome to the new podcast! Greg and Ursula introduce the show and discuss what exactly the weightlifting life is.

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July 19 2016
Hi Greg and Ursula,

I was wondering if you could talk about the mental aspects of working through an injury? How to deal with training less, taking time off, doing PT, etc. and all of the frustration that can come with that.

Sure thing

Greg Everett
July 20 2016
Good morning Greg and Ursula,

I was wondering if these podcasts will be available on iTunes?
Yes. iTunes is currently reviewing for approval.

Greg Everett
AZO Barbell Club
July 20 2016
Thank you for finally doing this and I can't wait to see what you all dive into!!!

Could you please touch on the use of power movements in programming. Are they for rest or are they for pulling strength or are they just used to frustrate people? Also can you please talk about programming for youth (8-15yo) athletes and the special needs they have.

Thank you,

Zachary Parsons

Greg Everett
David Reyes
July 20 2016
Hi Gregni was wonding if you guys can talk about recovery, best kinds of recovery, what to do on recovery days etc. Thanks!
Yes we can

Greg Everett
July 20 2016
Hi Greg/Ursula

I wonder if you could discuss how to improve the turnover in the clean? When the weight gets heavier my grip will slip and become very narrow when I catch it. Once or twice I have actually caught my fingers between my shoulder and the bar.
July 21 2016
Can you talk about the height weight that is "recommended". I have been told and seen charts that say I should be a 105 based on my height and build.
July 21 2016
Thanks so much for this much needed podcast. Really pleased to hear what it means to be a weightlifter on a daily basis for you two, as life unfolds: spouses, children, challenges, sacrifices...I am a beginner lifter (2 years), the only person into sports in my family so I rely on external sources like yours with Catalyst Athletics to keep going. So much of what you talked about applied to me: I have complained about not having a coach or access to a lifting gym, my friends are all into gyms/lifting, I don't care for late nights or many forms of socializing, I religiously train no matter what, and I struggle with clothes because of my wide chest, slim waist and big quads! 'You can have another child until you are 45 if you are a women, it's just biology' Ha ha ha, love it! Btw maybe it's just me but the sound was a bit off - I could hear Greg in my left earphone, and Ursula into my right one. I will submit basic questions following which I hope to achieve eternal happiness :) and I look forward to the podcast on Itunes. Thanks again!
Erin Drake
July 21 2016
Any advice for newbie coaches? What are some things you know now that could benefit someone just getting started building a lifting club?
July 22 2016
First of all, great podcast! However I noticed a technical "issue": I usually listen to podcasts with earbuds, or one earbud to be exact. It took me a while to realise that Greg was talking on left channel and Ursula on the right (or vice versa). This is the first podcast I've come across, that is done this way. In my case, I would rather have you both talking on the same channel.

Like I said, it's a technical issue. The podcast itself is great and I'm looking forward to more episodes. I'm a huge fan of Catalyst Athletics, your book (Olympic Weightlifting, 3rd ed.) and videos. Keep up the good work!
July 22 2016
Listening now from iTunes and the two speakers are on two different channels… one in left ear and one in right. Is that intentional? Very distracting
July 23 2016
Hi Greg and Ursula
What are your favorite weightlifting stories or memories you have?
Thanks for the great content!
August 16 2016
Texans are all in their houses, haha! Yes!

I would love to hear more about nutrition and nutrient timing, for long training sessions and who needs to worry about that vs who doesn't. Also, optimizing nutrition to maintain strength through cutting weight. Thanks!
October 1 2016
Hey Greg,
Claudio here all the way cross the Atlantic from Italy. Really happy you decided to start your podcast. Your exercise library is a place where I always find answers to my questions. Great job!