Episode 2
Choosing Lift Technical Styles, Improving the Jerk & Using the Overhead Squat
August 2 2016
Greg & Ursula answer questions about whether or not lifters can choose a certain snatch and clean technical style or if it needs to be determined based on physical traits of the lifter; how to improve the jerk for CrossFitters who have little experience with it but a lot of experience with overhead strength work; and how to incorporate the overhead squat into a weightlifting training program.

View the video on jerk styles referenced in this episode here

Gary Echternacht 2016-08-02
Have greatly enjoyed the first two podcasts, especially the first one where you talked about you life in weightlifting. Very impressed with Ursula, her knowledge and demeanor. Your chemistry is good and I think it will only get better and better over time.

I do have one suggesting. I know I sound like a prude, but I would limit my cursing to say one word per podcast. Weightlifting is a testosterone sport, and cursing and testosterone go together, one boosting the other, but I find that cursing weakens whatever you say. I mean, why use the word if you are committed in what you say?

Good luck with your project. Keep it fresh and and your audience will grow and grow.
Thank you for the kind words, but regarding the other words, I'm afraid I can't make any promises.

Greg Everett
Lizzovic 2016-08-03
Really excited about this podcast. Looking forward to more episodes 🏋
It would be more pleasant listening to you guys if you stop interupting eachother though 🙈 I especially think of Ursula interupting Greg.
Alex Bailey 2016-08-03
I really enjoyed the first episode. Glad you decided to mix this one in mono as that was really weird for episode one (being in stereo).
Jeff Williams 2016-08-03
There is no way that a vertical pull would work just because of how far out in front of you the bar is and the moment arm is so much longer....so weird that people would think it would work.
Janna 2016-08-03
What is your opinion on continuing 1 or 2 crossfit metcons per week while still training olympic lifts? I have been focusing on the olympic lifts for the past year and do minimal crossfit now, but our box only offers 2 olympic lifting classes per week. I do those and try to do some of your free programs and other programs in my garage or at open gyms. This question becomes extremely important when it comes to being 8-10 weeks out from a meet. A few of us at our box are doing the MN Open and want to make sure our programming will be ideal and wondering what to do with the crossfit portion... Cut it out? I already try to do as little crossfit as possible. Thanks in advance!
Peter Sekalias 2016-08-03
Hey guys, I emailed this question recently, but I was hoping you could speak to it a bit more. I have recently had problems "clarking" heavy snatches and cleans. During the lift you just refuse to pull under the bar. I know its a mental problem, probably a recovery thing too. Just wondering if any of u have had this problem--mines been a problem for over a year now, at weights 90-100%. i used to have no problem getting under anything, it was other problems..but now i just cant get under anything on heavy days...thoughts or ways to address? hi blocks?
Corey Christensen 2016-08-03
Can you please talk about the recommend weight to height ration. I have been told I should be a 105 or 105+ because I am 6ft tall and broad but I am a very light 105 or I can cut to 94s. Thanks and keep up the great work!
Lori 2016-08-03
Great hearing about the different body types/"morphs" and it totally made sense to me. I find that it's super trendy right now to hawk regurgitated doctrine -learned from a weekend functional fitness seminar - as the be-all and end-all. So yeah, it's good to hear from actual weightlifting coaches that not everyone is created equal and it's okay if my pulls deviate a little from the ideal. Also found your discussions informative regarding weaknesses in the overhead position and jerk position, which is a work in progress for me too. Definitely the best podcast I've listened to all week.

Question for your next Q&A session: could you explain why a lifter would want to "pop out" the thumbs in the snatch turnover, releasing the hook grip? Is there a benefit to not using a hook grip if this is the case?

Andrew Nizamian 2016-08-03
Love this podcast. Thank you for putting up all this material. Would you mind linking the video on jerk dip/drive/speed that you had mentioned?

Thank you!
Yes, link added to the episode description.

Greg Everett
Sonja Ólafsdóttir 2016-08-03
Great podcast. I really hate you guys, I did today what I hate the most after listening to you and overall had a good workout. Now I will spend time doing what I hate most days. Lots of hates and keep it up 💖
Sarah 2016-08-03
Your discussion was great and has me questioning whether I should continue my efforts to fix the butt rise in my first pull or just adjust my set-up. I'm fast-twitch and hip dominant, and I think the butt rise is just my body saying "Hey, dummy, use your strengths. This shit's heavy." Also, listening to these first two podcasts on my drive home has saved some road-rage. I'll be that gives you all kinds of warm fuzzies!
Sabine 2016-08-06
Another great episode! Many thanks Greg and Ursula. Could you talk at some point about using the female bar? When is it ever recommended to train with it? I have medium sized hands and I have been practicing the snatch balance series and the hang snatch with the female bar, using the hook grip as recommended in your L1 course. Should I just take the pain as my grip gets stronger and train with the standard bar? Thanks!!!
James Griffin 2016-08-22
Great podcast, but it sounds a little like you're getting bogged down in semantics as far as bar path goes. I believe a certain Scotch drinking Texan I think you were referencing has said all the same things. It looks like a Catapult vs Triple Extension talking-past-eachother disagreement.
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