Episode 39
Changing Coaches or Teams, Power or Nah, High-Hang Snatch More Than Snatch, Long Legs Bar Starting Position
February 13 2018
How to change coaches and/or teams the right way; Why it may not matter if your lift was power or nah; Should you be able to high-hang snatch more than you snatch from the floor? And priorities and adjustments to the starting position with long legs.

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Jesse 2018-02-13
What a great episode.

I enjoyed the discussion about team switching . Especially concerning dishonesty when changing teams/coaches. Change is bound to happen, but everyone should be mature enough to handle it with honesty and integrity. Being a newer coach, I really liked hearing the tradition of coaches coming together to discuss what's best for the athlete and team, instead of trying to snipe athletes from one another. I hope this is a practice we begin to cultivate again as a community.

The Power or "Nah" discussion is gold that everyone needs to understand. It seems over and over yall's responses to questions involve "what attributes am I trying to develop with this exercise?" Often times this requires the lifter to leave their ego behind in pursuit of doing it right!
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