Episode 53
Bar Contact & Path in Snatch, Clean Fear, Poaching, Training Journals
June 26 2019
Looping bar path in the snatch, fear of heavy cleans, gym/team ethics and poaching, what to put in a training journal

aomannu 2019-06-26
WOW ! Thank you for taking the time out for the podcasts. Means a lot to us
Mike Mc Donald 2019-06-29
Liked your episode , listened to during w/o today. ethics and poaching was very good, Fear of cleans also, once you got to Snickers I knew that you two are not only up to date on lifting , but there is still some old school things you have kept. Snickers has always been the meet energy food for me and my lifters for over 50 years. I can remember Ursula trying to beet Melanie G back at the nationals we put on in Fresno back in 95 did she use Snickers then?. I have not listened to all of your episodes are there any on fear of heavy jerks or any on the mental aspect of lifting?
I don't think we've covered fear in the jerk specifically, but honestly I could be forgetting.

I cleaned out some drawers in my office the other day because they were full of lifting gear I didn't need in there anymore, and found a snickers bar - haven't competed in 4 years, but still had one ready to go just in case.

Greg Everett
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