Episode 54
Programming within the Week, Volume, Remote Coaching
August 1 2019
How to modulate intensity, volume and exercise selection within a week, how to count volume, and how to make the most out of training remotely with a coach.

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Renee Putman
August 1 2019
Thanks for the tips regarding remote training is this episode. I'll be working with Alyssa starting in September (my first time with a remote coach) and it was helpful to hear your perspective on this subject. I'm super excited, by the way!
March 7 2020
Hi Greg,
I have a question about programming. I've seen in your book that you are using percentages for most exercices based on these specific exercises 1RM (except for pulls And others peculiarities). What about using the main lifts 1RM to set relative intensity prescription on main lift variation exercices such as power clean, snatch balance...etc. Is that a mistake, what are your thoughts on this ?
I Hope that's clear.
You can prescribe on whatever you want - many programs prescribe all (or nearly all) exercises based on snatch and CJ. But that's a huge problem for many athletes and will place intensities extremely high or low in many cases. As a simple example, prescribing snatch balance/OHS off max snatch (which I do sometimes) - if someone isn't well practiced in those lifts, likely to be too difficult (even impossible); on the other hand, if they're very good at those lifts relative to snatch, you're going to be prescribing useless weights. Keep it appropriate for each individual lifter.

Greg Everett
March 21 2020
Emanuel Castelletto
May 21 2021
Andre Laranjo
December 14 2021
Love the content! Would like to have access to it on Spotify...