Episode 6
Clean & Front Squat Gap, Heels & Balance in the Pull & Pulling Early
September 27 2016
Questions this episode cover include how to close the gap between the clean and front squat, proper balance in the pull and the problems with shifting excessively to the heels, and correcting a premature second pull in the snatch or clean.

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Kent Johnson
September 27 2016
Just a heads up that it's labeled Episode 7 everywhere.

Greg Everett
Sebastian Garro
September 27 2016
Hey, thank you for this post. I have a problem that I really don't know if it is caused by my front squat.
To get you an idea, these are my numbers. >
Back Squat: 365 Front Squat 270, Clean 255 and I think it was power. Power clean 2RM 245. Jerk 275. Snatch 200, OHS 230, Snatch balance 215.

I have been stuck in 255 lbs in my clean since February, I have tried several times 265 and miss it, I am not even able to rack the bar and struggle the way up. I have always thought that my problem is my front squat, is there any way you think I can improve my clean and snatch? I know you need way more details, such as videos and stuff, but let me know what should I start looking. Important fact, I am not a weightlifter, I am crossfiter.
I agree that the front squat is a problem - it's too low relative to your back squat. My best guess is that you're a bit too posterior chain dominant and aren't able to squat with an upright enough posture for heavier cleans; in other words, your back squat is considerably higher because you're able to sit back and lean over, but the front squat and clean don't allow such a position, meaning you're unable to use the parts of your body that are strongest to stand up. There may also be a trunk and upper back strength deficit. More front squats, start back squatting with an upright posture, do some pause back squats and front squats focusing on that posture, correct any trunk and upper back weakness that may be causing you to collapse prematurely.

Greg Everett
Donald Glab
September 30 2016
master 55-59 170 cm 80 kg bodyweight 136kg front squat / 160kg back squat - split clean 88 kg and 64 kg split snatch- 93kg split Jerk -Just more confident with the split-but I have done power clean and snatch for about 3kg less- hang clean 3 rm hang clean 75kg - OH Squat 65 kg

any suggestions for increasing speed and catching in the right spot in squat clean
November 7 2016
this podcast is so informative, i cant get enough of it. im gonna have to buy a catalyst t shirt. or the weightlifting guide.