Fatigue is Not a Technique Error

Fatigue is not a technique error! So quit trying to correct it like one.
When you’re tired, you can’t execute skilled lifts as well. There’s absolutely nothing weird or mysterious about it.
What’s weird is asking for corrections and cues during those times, and expecting them to change anything.
Your suboptimal execution in these situations has nothing to do with skill, which means you can’t correct it like a skill.
In fact, when you’re in a state of physical and mental fatigue, trying unreasonably hard to make technique corrections is very likely to produce worse results—you don’t have the resources to make it happen, which means you get frustrated and overwhelmed, which means your execution degrades even further… AND you just hate yourself.
So when you find yourself in this situation, take a moment to re-evaluate—do you need to reduce weights? Reduce sets or reps? Call it a day? Or maybe just calm down and stop berating yourself for imperfect lifts?
If this happens frequently to you, you also need to make changes to your training program and/or entire life.
If you can’t reasonably reduce stress and improve sleep adequately account for your training and recovery demands, your only option is to reduce your training volume and possibly frequency, at least temporarily, to get to a point at which you’re able to productive manage it all.

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