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Francis N Phillips
January 7 2012
Good preview showing a clear synopsis of the principal phases of the lifts. As shown here, form is everything. I particularly appreciate the use of female demonstrators, since they emphasize that male bulk and strength are not the primary requirement to perform these lifts. While I am too old (65) to compete, I am working on the snatch and clean and jerk because of their loading on all muscle groups. Unfortunately, there are no lifting coaches in my area, so I am learning on my own, which is definitely the hard way. The book and DVD are in my future, as soon as I get my next Social Security check.
March 7 2012
Cody thanks again for your mtbliioy magic on Friday . I'm no longer moving around like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. My back is still tender at the location of the injury, but my all-around mtbliioy and movement improved dramatically.
Josh Mullin
January 7 2013
If downloading the oly lifting DVD is it sent in a link or downloaded from your site?
Steve Pan
January 7 2013
Josh -

We currently don't have a downloadable version of the Weightlifting DVD Guide.
August 30 2013
Does the DVD content also cover common errors and fixes for the lifts that we will see in our athletes? Thanks!
January 10 2014
Purchased the book and the DVD but can't get the video to play (only the audio) on my Mac. Any suggestions?
Steve Pan
January 13 2014
Colin -

Try updating the version of the video player you are using or try using VLC media player if you are viewing on the computer.
September 24 2014
I have the same question as Mark. Does the dvd cover common errors and fixes that we can possibly fix for our athletes?
Greg Everett
September 24 2014
Greg - It does not cover error correction. It goes through my teaching progressions for the snatch, clean and jerk.
September 25 2014
Thanks for your fast reply. Ordering the book and dvd package today. Looking forward to study the material!
Alf Martinsen
April 4 2015

received the book today. Should the DVD be enclosed?

I bought from Amazon, the DVD Bundle, but in the package i only see a card with a code on it?


Greg Everett
April 4 2015
Alf -
There is no book/dvd bundle on Amazon. We sell the book and DVD together on our site, but they are separate products on Amazon.
john Morse
March 16 2016
HI guys

is this a multi region DVD or Region 1
It is a Region-Free DVD

Steve Pan
March 17 2016
Thanks Steve

but with a $46 postage to the UK, download is the way i think

appreciate the help

January 2 2017
Upon purchasing, does it just send the link to email?
Yes it does.

Alyssa Sulay
Juan carlos
April 4 2017
El DVD está en español ?
Juan - unfortunately we do not have the DVD available in Spanish. 

Alyssa Sulay
April 28 2018
do you still sell the dvd -book bundle ? i cant find it .
Victor - Unfortunately we do not sell that bundle anymore. The Video Guide for Learining and Teaching the Olympic Lifts is only available as a download version. 

Alyssa Sulay
Kathy Reciniello
April 13 2019
Hi I purchased the book and would love the download dvd. Great breakdown and photos....I am learning the proper way to lift. Would like to follow a video example also. How many devices can it be downloaded on? Example a computer and a phone for portability? Thanks.
Kathy - Once you purchase the Video guide, you will be able to download it multiple times. I am not sure of the quality of the video on a mobile device but it will be just fine on any computer.

Alyssa Sulay