Daily Training 8-6-11

Collected training footage of Catalyst lifters. Steve snatch, D'Angelo snatch, Aimee L snatch, Audra snatch.


Kyle 2011-10-21
How much weight is Steve putting up?
Khalid 2011-10-21
How christ these guys/gals are fast
Greg Everett 2011-10-21
Kyle - Last snatch is 130 kg.
Paul 2011-10-23
Greg do you teach lifters to start sweeping the bar into the hip once its passed the knee or as soon as it leaves the floor?
Greg Everett 2011-10-24
Paul -The lifter is always actively keeping the bar in or moving it back slightly. I don't teach a "sweep" off the floor because I don't like pushing the knees back and lifting the hips that much. I teach the knees hips shoulders and bar to all move back slightly as the bar separates to move the weight back over the foot. At the knees, I like the shoulders still pretty much straight over the bar, so until that point, there doesn't need to be much pushing back of the bar. Past the knees, the bar needs to be pushed back into the lap.
Paul 2011-10-24
Thanks for the response, Im glad you said that as sweeping from the floor caused too exaggerated a movement for me. I also noticed that most top lifters are in the position you describe at the knee and few have the arms angled back as some other coaches advise.
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