Collected Training 9-2-11

Collected training footage of Catalyst lifters. Audra snatch, Alyssa clean, Steve clean pull, Dion front squat, Alyssa power snatch + heaving snatch balance + snatch, Kyle back squat, Aimee snatch, Audra power snatch, Steve power clean + clean, Mike front squat, Aimee power clean + power jerk,


Isaac 2011-12-07
I've been watching your videos over and over religiously for about an hour a day for the last 6 months, just by watching Steve over and over I brought my clean from a 245 to a 265 over 2 sessions. Whereas the closest thing to a coach I have is the videos that you have on your website, and your Guide to Olympic Weightlifting book and dvd. I can understand there are different styles of Oly Lifting, such as the styles that said on your Article, Hips meet Bar or watching world championship videos in varying weight classes. I can understand as you read this I may seem ignorant in a lot of ways but that ignorance isn't voluntary. I am a Co Owner of a CrossFit gym and the only OPT Coach in my region, and looking to get Certified through Charles Poliquin, so I know there are many means of training paradigms of fitness other than CrossFit. It is amazing how some CF coaches go to a 2 day cert and think they are a critic in any "modality" of fitness, especially weight lifting. The owners and coaches at my gym said that I could not teach or suggest otherwise in oly lifting because it's not the "crossfit style" of Oly Lifting, Which the LVL 1 cert goes over a Med Ball Clean and a PVC Snatch for roughly 20-30 minutes tops.... It's heartbreaking as a coach for me to not have the ability to totally fight my case (even though I have the heaviest clean, jerk and snatch at my gym... which isn't much to brag about but I've made a dramatic improvement just by the dissection of the videos that you put out there). As I can see, Steve and especially D'Angelo have more of a "catapult" style of lifting, which to me is the style that Pierre Roy (Former Canadian weightlifting coach and coach of Paul Dumais; Canadian record holder) coaches which he called the "position of balance" where the barbell is violently extended UP off the hips. I understand that the early extension of the hip where the position of the bar is lower will push the bar out away from the athlete so timing of this obviously crucial. What I am asking is what resources (other than the amazingly comprehensive knowledge of your personal works) I can pull from to learn more of this as a coach. I appreciate the time you put in to your website it helps dramatically, also I apologize for any butchering I've done for any technical terms of the movements. Thank you again.
Greg Everett 2011-12-07
Isaac  -The best thing you can possibly do is spend time training or even just observing as many coaches as possible. It sounds like that might require some travel for you, but if it's a good coach, it will be well worth it. Otherwise the internet is an amazing resource - you can find info from just about everyone and see all the different thoughts on training and teaching the lifts out there. However, some of the best weightlifting coaches are the worst self-promoters, so it's tough to find much from them - a good example is John Thrush. Check out for Bob Takano's site - good programming information in particular.
Isaac 2011-12-08
Thank you for the response Greg, I'm looking further into that now. Again, I appreciate the work you all put in. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does.
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