Collected Training 9-3-11

Collected training footage of Catalyst lifters. Audra power snatch, Steve split push press behind neck, Mike front squat, Aimee power clean & power jerk, Alyssa jerk.


TIM SWORDS 2011-12-14
Work on Audra's arm action in the Snatch, I think that will help her with her finish and maybe keep her more upright! The big guy looks solid in his jerks behind the neck. I couldn't see the entire video, it stopped as Aimee was doing her cleans.
Greg Everett 2011-12-14
we are working on her pull under - strength definitely but mainly forcing the elbows out instead her swinging the bar around. also she tends to really shift forward into the bar when she finishes her snatches once the weight is 38-40+. She is coming along.
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