Daily Training 9-18-11

Collected training footage of Catalyst lifters. Dave snatch, Aimee jerk, Steve clean & jerk, Alyssa clean + front squat, Audra front squat, Dion clean.


Joe 2012-01-30
I have to say, Steve is a badass!
Caleb 2012-01-31
Greg, something's been bugging me that i'm hoping you can address. as i understand it, as a lifter is transitioning from the 1st to 2nd pull, the more they are able to drive from the heels, the better they are able to recruit the glutes/hams in the effort to generate forceful hip extension. conceptually i always thought that the 2nd pull was finished on the heels, with full hip & knee extension occurring simultaneously and with ankle extension occurring just after hip/knee extension as a RESULT of the aggressiveness of the other two joints extending. what i am seeing instead in many videos of weightlifters, including the above video and many videos of olympic level athletes, is the lifting of the heel (the extension of the ankle) prior to the full extension of the hip & knee. is this a matter of flawed technique @ near max loads? or am i misunderstanding the mechanics of the lift?
Greg Everett 2012-02-01
Caleb - Generally you'll hear the advice to stay flat-footed as long as possible, even from coaches who are fine with ankle extension & leg drive. However the reality of it is that most lifters will be on the balls of their feet during the final extension, although the key is that their weight is still back farther toward the heels. This is just a natural movement, and some lifters do it more than others. I would argue that it's not problematic as long as the lifter is remaining balanced and extending properly - if being on the balls of the feet means that the lifter has actually shifted the center of mass forward over the balls of the feet, that's a different story.
Caleb 2012-02-01
as always Greg, thank you for the prompt & thorough response. your attention to detail and technical analysis have always fit my learning style and it's great to have you as a reference for all things S&C.
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