Daily Training 2-8-12

Collected training footage of Catalyst lifters. Steve clean & jerk, Dawn clean & jerk, Kyle snatch, Warren snatch, Alyssa snatch, Aimee snatch, Warren clean & jerk, Alyssa clean & jerk, Audra clean, Tate clean & jerk, Jocelyn clean & jerk, Steve front squat, Kyle clean & jerk.


Bruce 2012-02-23

I hear you say "drive back, punch back" when your lifters are getting ready for the jerk phase of the C&J. Would you mind explaining what you are directing the lifter to do?

I'm just a newbie but I am learning alot by watching your lifters. I appreciate the resources you are making available through this site.

Thank you very much,

Bruce, in Pennsylvania
Greg Everett 2012-02-23
Bruce -I say that in particular to Alyssa and Dawn because they both have the habit of shifting forward as they dip and drive and pushing the bar forward. In a proper split jerk, the bar actually has to move backward slightly into the overhead position. So the "punch back" refers to that - they need to not push the bar straight up, but attempt to direct it backward somewhat; the cue is also an exaggeration. Same goes with the drive back part - I want them focused on staying back on the heels, and it's an exaggerated effort to move the bar back to counter the tendency to shift forward.
Bruce 2012-02-23
Coach Everett,

Thank you for taking the time to explain that detail for me. I wish I was able to train in an environment like you have there, it looks productive as well as fun.

I'll be watching,

Bruce, In Pennsylvania
Sesrk 2012-03-07
1 round 55# snatch/ 90 first 5 clean and jerks, 5-85# clean and jerks and 75# clean and jerks had to keep snliacg down due to should injury .couldn't continue too much pain.
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