Weightlifting Training Video 5-1-12

Weightlifting training footage of Catalyst weightlifters. Alyssa front squat, Aimee snatch, Steve snatch, Mike snatch, Sage snatch, Audra snatch, Dawn snatch, Alyssa snatch, Steve clean & jerk.


Mark 2012-05-31
Greg is telling some of the athletes to "stay over it longer." Can you please explain what they are "shorting" that they need to "stay over it longer?"

Steve Pan 2012-05-31
"Stay over it longer" means to keep the shoulders over the bar longer. Some athletes will try to "jump" too early and will consequently get the shoulders behind the bar early which will throw off the athlete's balance and will not allow for optimal force to be applied to the bar. We want to stay over the bar to save that hip and leg extension for the very last instant.
Mark 2012-05-31
I understand.

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