Daily Training 1-17-14

Weightlifting training footage of Catalyst weightlifters. Audra snatch, Alyssa 3-position snatch, Heather 3-position snatch.


MARK 2014-01-19
It sounds to me like you are telling Alyssa to stay back longer. I am currently having this issue with my snatch and I am really struggling with staying back longer. I have dropped my percentages down in an attempt to "stay flat footed" as long as possible. I have been doing 3 position snatches as well as block snatches. Most recently I have been trying to do Snatches without feet. All of them have been helping, but as soon as I get up in the 75%+ range, I get excited and punch too soon. Do you have any other suggetions as to how to teach "Stay back longer?"

Thanks, Mark Sanchez
Greg Everett 2014-01-22
Mark -

You're doing the right things basically. Try adding snatch pull + snatch - the pull will help you be patient longer, and then you'll try to replicate it on the following snatch. You may also find it helpful to wait longer to explode generally - think of not "snatching" until the bar is in your hip.
Mark 2014-01-27
Ok. Thanks. That makes sense.
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