Olympic Weightlifting Training with Coach Commentary

Olympic Weightlifting Training With Commentary By Greg Everett - 1

Catalyst Athletics Olympic weightlifting training with commentary by team coach Greg Everett. Tuesday training with a lot of jerks and jerks behind the neck, snatch + overhead squat, heaving snatch balance and more.


Sam Emerson 2014-02-04
Love this new feature. Super helpful to hear how you tailor training strategies to individuals' strengths and weaknesses. Keep it up!
Greg Everett 2014-02-04
Thanks Sam
Rob Pence 2014-02-04
Absolutely love the commentary,its great to be able to be understand the reasoning behind the exercises that are being used. big fan,thanks for all you do !
Greg Everett 2014-02-04
Thanks Rob.
Dan 2014-02-05
Thanks for taking time out to make this video.
I've obviously seen the lifters before but don't train with them or know them personally, so it is very helpful to hear your commentary and background on the them and give us insight on why their strengths and weaknesses influence the exercises they perform.
Please keep them coming!
Steven Leflar 2016-02-12
great add! Keep em coming
Mark McEwen 2016-02-12
Love it Greg. Thanks
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