Olympic Weightlifting Training with Coach Commentary

Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting With Commentary By Greg Everett - 4

Catalyst Athletics team members training with commentary by team coach Greg Everett. Training includes snatch, halting snatch deadlift on riser, block clean, and back squat.

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chris 2014-02-25
Hey Greg,

Nice commentary. You mentioned adam increased his back squat max for about 50 kg. Can you tell me which kind of squatting volume/program he did during this time?
Thank you very much!
Greg Everett 2014-02-25
Chris -

A few different cycles. One was similar to the squatting in the Leg Strength Block on the training cycles page.
Phillip 2014-02-25
Like the longer format. Wonder if you could pause VT while finishing your thoughts / observations (like Jess' snatch); though, of course, it would make it even longer.
Andrew Alvarado 2016-01-16
Thank you for doing these videos. They help a lot.
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