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September 12 2011
If weightlifting has taught me one thing, it is patience. Thanks for this post Audra!
Matt Foreman
September 12 2011
Good job, and I think you should go ahead and throw the bar across the gym, like you said. Screw Greg and his facility.
September 12 2011
Thanks for this post! It has helped me to see the value of focusing on the good lifts, and to not be too hard on myself for not accomplishing what I want. It's comforting to know that even the experienced lifters " screw up" sometimes. Keep up the good work.
September 13 2011
Agreed! Thanks for sharing Audra!
September 13 2011
Very good article. And very, very true, especially in the first five lifting years as an adult. And it gets better. Slowly, but it does.
Ben M
September 17 2011
Catalyst - putting out great writers, not just great lifters