A Public Apology For Some Things I Said
Matt Foreman

It’s time for me to apologize, people. I’ve been a jackass, and I need to make it right.

A few weeks ago, I wrote some posts on this blog where I made controversial comments about cardio and nutrition. Many of you read them, and apparently I’ve done some damage with the things I said. After being informed by some people that the information I wrote was incorrect and, in some cases, potentially destructive, I’ve decided I need to write something to set the record straight. And I need to do it now, before my irresponsible words send the entire weightlifting world into the crapper.

I can’t live with the idea that I’ve said something that might bother somebody, you see. And because I know I bothered some people with my ideas about nutrition and cardio, I need to apologize. Actually, I don’t think apologizing is enough. If I really want to repent, I have to come forward with a completely new philosophy. So I hope you all read this, because it’s important for you to know that I’ve changed. I’m a good person now, I promise.

First, I want to share my new belief about weightlifting training and cardio. In a nutshell, my new opinion is that there is absolutely no incorrect way to train if you want to be a successful Olympic weightlifter. You can train by focusing mainly on the snatch and clean and jerk, sure. That’s one option. But you can also increase your competition total by making large amounts of cardio the foundation of your program. Apparently, I was wrong about the top lifters in Europe and Asia. As it turns out, most of them jog for miles and miles between those brutal lifting workouts where they’re squatting and snatching with maximum weights (they also play basketball between their heavy clean and jerk attempts). Knowing this, I think it’s safe to assume that you can use almost any method to become a world weightlifting champion. Snatching, clean and jerking, squatting, spin class, hiking, break dancing, lighting farts, fly fishing or virtually any other kind of activity. None of these methods are wrong, and they will all make you a successful weightlifter.

Even if you don’t use cardio training to make you a better lifter, you should still jog four miles a day. If you don’t, you will get diabetes…next year.

If you want to be a stronger squatter, you can do it by squatting. However, you can also do it by not squatting. You can jog in circles around a big room and have somebody bang on a tambourine and call out the name of an animal, like “SQUIRREL” for example. If you can move your body into the shape of a squirrel when you hear that command, your 1RM back squat will increase. Deadlifting too. You can become a better deadlifter by deadlifting…or not. You could go to the grocery store, pick up bags of potatoes, and just walk around the store for an hour or so and your deadlift will go up. The people who work at the store probably won’t even catch on that you’re using their potatoes to train your deadlift. If they give you a hard time about it, just scream at them, “Hey! I’m just looking for the rest of my groceries while I carry these potatoes, okay?! Leave me alone, you freaking racist!!”

NOTE: That last part will be a lot less effective if you’re white, but you can still give it a shot.

As for nutrition, I’ve turned around on this too. I now believe that if you eat gluten, you will die. And your death will be horrible, just so you know. You won’t get off with a nice easy heart attack while you’re having sex or anything like that. No…your internal organs will spontaneously detonate when that gluten hits them, and they’ll start trickling out of an orifice that doesn’t make you happy.

NOTE: I still have no idea what gluten actually is. I just know it’s from the devil.

If you eat a candy bar, you’ll obviously die as we mentioned. However, you also need to know that you will add mounds of cottage cheese to your ass if you even LOOK at a candy bar. When you go to the store, you better stay out of the candy aisle altogether. If you walk through it and you don’t close your eyes the whole way, you’ll have folds of new bodyfat flapping everywhere by the time you get to the end of it.

I think you get the point. I thought I knew some stuff about weightlifting because of how long I’ve been doing it, but I was wrong…very wrong. I hope this information has smoothed things out with the people I tainted through those old posts on cardio and nutrition. And if any of you disagree with the stuff I wrote here, it’s okay. You’re not wrong. Nobody is wrong. Nothing is wrong. Everything you feel like doing is right, so just go ahead and do it. At the end of the day, we’ll all get Olympic gold medals regardless of how we chose to prepare.

If my new philosophy appeals to you, I’m glad. In fact, you should get in touch with me on Facebook or something so we can talk more about it. I’ve got a bridge I want to sell you anyway, so we can go over all the details while we chat about training.

I love you.

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Matt Foreman is the football and track & field coach at Mountain View High School in Phoenix, AZ. A competitive weightliter for twenty years, Foreman is a four-time National Championship bronze medalist, two-time American Open silver medalist, three-time American Open bronze medalist, two-time National Collegiate Champion, 2004 US Olympic Trials competitor, 2000 World University Championship Team USA competitor, and Arizona and Washington state record-holder. He was also First Team All-Region high school football player, lettered in high school wrestling and track, a high school national powerlifting champion, and a Scottish Highland Games competitor. Foreman has coached multiple regional, state, and national champions in track & field, powerlifting, and weightlifting, and was an assistant coach on 5A Arizona state runner-up football and track teams. He is the author of the books Olympic Weightlifting for Masters: Training at 30, 40, 50 & Beyond and Bones of Iron: Collected Articles on the Life of the Strength Athlete.

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Mike 2012-12-19
This is hilarious. I love how people come here to read your expert opinions, then argue with them when most have never been as deep in the sport as long as you. Please keep up your posts.
Colin 2012-12-19
I just started doing Tai Chi, do you think it will boost my snatch up to 250kg in time for the Rio games?
We all love you too Matt.
Matt Foreman 2012-12-19
Tai Chi will probably only get you to 225, Colin. I would prefer Tae Bo, or Thai Food, or Tie Your Mother Down.
Michael Fall 2012-12-19
Effen Classic!
???ME??? 2012-12-19
I've been coming to this blog for awhile now, thinking I'm getting great advice, and all the while I was doing everything right anyway. SWEET!!

AND, if anyone argues with me, I can now just agree with them. Apparently, they're right also. We're all right, if you think about it. Now, how about a round of Kumbaya. Whose with me?

Love the post Matt. Classic!!
shawn fears 2012-12-19
LMFAO...that was awesome!
Angie 2012-12-19
So you're saying that if I realllllly wanted to I could be an Olympic-level lifter AND a world class marathoner. Now all I have to do is enjoy anything longer than a 10m sprint.....
Jakob Richloow 2012-12-19
I'd like to know more about those sqirrel moves though.
Bob Loblaw 2012-12-19
Furious ambidextrous masturbation has increased my squat 20% monthly.
Dave Watson 2012-12-19
After posting your expertise and insight, you didn't expect some sort of Spanish Inquisition? Come to think of it, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition!!

Someone will be upset that you did not even mention the role of medball cleans, zumba or Zone in attaining those PRs...
Tony 2012-12-19
Mark Shaw 2012-12-19
I tried jogging round the room whilst banging on a trampoline which worked well but when I started shouting "Squirrel" my dogs got over excited; my Olympic dream is in tatters as is my left arm. My lawyers will be touch.
Mark Shaw 2012-12-19
Sorry - tambourine not trampoline - my mistake - I'll try again once my arm's healed up.
James 2012-12-19
Lol. Love you too man!
Drew 2012-12-19
It's great to finally see a fair and balanced view of weight lifting and nutrition. I'd go as far as to call it a postmodern theory of weight lifting, inspiring! In the end we're all olympic level lifters, it's all relative.

See "Critical_theory#Postmodern_critical_theory" on wikipedia.

....handing back the talking stick.
Robbie 2012-12-19
SQUIRREL!! I fell out of my chair. Which is actually how i train for the OIympics. I expect to medal in two different weight classes on the same day, because I do yoga and I can control body with my Chakra.
Jon 2012-12-19
I find that when I lick a dum dum and stick it to my cheek I am able to affect the lifting capacity of 2 other people in the gym.
MikeM&M 2012-12-20
I disagree with your apology and do not accept it. I will continue to live by and preach your past two opinions on nutrition and cardio. Good day sir.
BJM 2012-12-20
Thanks for this information Matt. I just purchased some tambourines and found some squirrels from the local university tree. I plan on making them a part of gym's programming in hopes that our lifts will go up. I also purchased some bags of potatoes that we can carry around the gym. In other news, I have some plates and bars for sale because I won't need them any longer. You just saved me a lot of money.
AytchEss 2012-12-20
BAM! That just happened!!

Matt, you might be my new favorite person!
Angela 2012-12-21
This is... I just can't... Wow.


I'm beyond excited that I will attain my goal of Rio 2016 by adding massive amounts of cardio to my routine. Oh how I loooooooooooove cardio*! YES!

*disclaimer: sarcasm
Scott Drellishak 2012-12-26
"I still have no idea what gluten actually is. I just know it’s from the devil."

There's a vegetarian "food" product that's made of basically 100% gluten. The name of that product? Seitan.

That's a FACT.
Charlotte 2012-12-26
I love you very much
Jason 2012-12-27
I'm working on growing a beard, it's doing wonders for my total
Alexander Weiss 2012-12-27
Jill McCaughey 2012-12-27
Lighting farts.....awesome!
Lance Miller 2012-12-29
So i can finally work hard at doing nothing and my numbers will go up yess!!! Thanks for the great advice keep it up pal!
Johnny D. 2012-12-30
Not sure what you said previously to warrant this, but anyone who says gluten will detonate upon contact with internal organs and trickle out of an orifice that doesn't make you happy? Hahahahaha. You should hold a seat in Washington! You get my vote for anything!
Annette 2012-12-31
I am still rolling on the floor over this one!!!! You should write more apologies...
Kit 2013-01-09
Thank you for this, it made my day! :)
Mark H 2014-08-27
I'm so inspired to train.
I have this elusive front squat PR I've been going for.
On my next birthday , I'll take a cupcake and candle with me to the gym , and if I get stuck at the bottom . Surely I could just "rip one' and fire up a new PR.
Thanks for the valuable training info.
I'll anxiously await the late night infomercials selling your complete program
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